"...e' la capacita'nel saper concentrare le proprie forze anche nell'ottica canzone ( BASSA MAREA , CI CREDI TU ?), che senza pudore potrebbe ambire divagazioni radiofoniche per la sua freschezza espressiva...","... la suggestiva coralita'di " UN SOLO GESTO " suggella un album brillante..."



"ho gia'avuto modo di parlare bene degli Imagin'Aria... e anche per il nuovo "LA TEMPESTA" non posso far altro che ripetermi e dire che gli imagin'aria sono una band veramente interessante !..."

For ''La Tempesta (M.B.P.)'' (1999, Lizard Records) the guest list of Imagin'aria was dramatically reduced to only a keyboardist, Giorgio Brugnone.So it should be done something to overcome the typical bass-guitar-drums formation of the heavier sensibilities and the choice of the band was to become more flexible soundwise.Still having the very good Daniele Perico on vocals Imagin'aria decided to move on to the addition of funky, jazzier and Fusion elements along with acoustic breaks inbetween and the result even flirts with the style of compatriots Deus Ex Machina.I don't get the same vibes as from ''In un altro quando'', despite no line-up change has occured this sounds as an important development by the band with nice groovy parts meeting complex moves and jazzy patterns.Brugnone's presence is very limited, which also explains the instrumental differences between the first and second album, but the risky choice of moving on their own forces had a good result, as the music here is much more diverse, less ''Italian'' and will satisfy fans from of different musical tastes.It's a lovely and long menu of lyrical and interesting guitar-driven pieces with atmospheric extensions.